Family Resource Centers

Madera_FRC2009 001 IMG_2803 mountain area FRC                            Madera FRC                                              Chowchilla FRC                                        Mountain Area FRC

By design, the network of family resource centers developed under the Family Resource Center (FRC) Initiative are owned and operated by the Commission to facilitate service expansion and systems coordination/integration in order to more seamlessly link the community to services. First 5 Madera County FRCs are mulit-dimensional in approach, promoting the idea of serving the whole child through coordinated services that are easily identifiable, accessible and seamlessly linked to school readiness sites, health clinics, preschools and other locations highly frequented by parents. In short, the FRCs provide a friendly environment, co-location opportunities to facilitate “one-stop shopping” and service referrals as appropriate. Further, the FRCs provides a training center for the community at large. • Systems Coordination/Integration; and • Shared governance that promotes parent and community leadership

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