Proposition 10 at Work – Funded Programs

Family Resource Centers Initiative

First 5 Family Resource Centers: $325,000

Madera FRC                           Chowchilla FRC                     Eastern Madera County FRC

525 E. Yosemite Avenue          405 Trinity Avenue                 49169 Road 426
Madera, CA 93638                   Chowchilla, CA 93610             Oakhurst, CA 93644
Tel 559-661-5155                    Tel 559-201-5000                   Tel: 559-664-4198
Fax 559-675-4950                    Fax 559-665-0490



General Grants Initiative

CARES Plus-MCOE: $189,170
Special Characteristics:  The program provides capacity building opportunities by offering stipends to pursue higher education. 
Target Area: County-wide
Eligibility: Providers must have worked in the ECE field for one year prior to application, and currently work with children 0-5 for a minimum of 15 hours per week in a licensed family or center based program for 9 months of the academic calendar.
Number of Providers: 19

Family Support Program-MCOE: $253,295
Special Characteristics: The program will offer family support services and educational activities to approximately 160 preschool/toddler children & their parents.
Target Area: Chowchilla and Madera
Eligibility:  Any parent who has a child enrolled in a preschool/toddler program in the Chowchilla Elementary School District preschool program or the Early Education Center in Madera.
Number of Parents: 160

Parent Education Program-MUSD: $169,411
Special Characteristics: The program will provide family support services to all MUSD State preschool parents through community wide partnerships. Parents will be offered a variety of trainings such as literacy, health, parenting, and child safety.
Target Area: All MUSD State Preschool parents
Eligibility: Any parent whose child is enrolled in a MUSD state preschool class.
Number of Parents: 420

First Parents Program-PHD: $473,644
Special Characteristics: The program offers voluntary strength-based case management through comprehensive universal home visitation for all first time-parents.
Target Area: County-wide
Eligibility: First-time parent
Number of Parents: 125

Healthy Beginnings Program-DSS: $438,254
Special Characteristics: The program provides case management to at-risk families through a multi-disciplinary approach.
Target Area: County-wide
Eligibility: After initial assessment, if the family is involved with, or needing services of at least 2 HBP partner agencies and is willing to participate in those services, a team plan will be established.
Number of Families: 130

Preschool Oral Health Program-Camarena Health Centers: $124,000
Special Characteristics: The program provides on-site parent workshops, dental screenings & educational activities to preschool children.
Target Area: MUSD, Gould Center & the Child Development Center
Eligibility: All preschool children attending the identified schools who have a signed consent form.
Number of Children: 650
Mini-Grants Initiative

Category 1: One-Time Only Funds ($25,000)
These mini-grants are not to exceed $5,000 for one-time interventions for children 0-5 years of age, their families and/or service providers for this target age group. If you have any ideas or questions please contact Program staff.

Category 2: Quality Care for Children Funds ($15,000)
First 5 Madera County will be hosting its Third Annual Childcare Provider Conference in 2017!  The conference will consist of cutting-edge information geared towards licensed in-home child care providers.  Providers will participate in interactive presentations, receive incentives and have early education vendors present to purchase quality improvement materials.

-Save the Date and Registration Forms Coming Soon!

Category 3: Growing Family Library ($10,000)
These funds are designed to offer mini-grants directly to families in the form of $50.00 voucher to be used at a family book fair following a brief literacy workshop where parents receive tools on the “how to” of engaging their children in literacy experiences at home. Parents must attend the workshop to receive the voucher.

-Registration Forms Coming Soon!


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