Proposition 10

In November 1998, California voters approved the Children and Families First Act, commonly referred to as Proposition 10. Proposition 10, which levied a 50 cents per pack tax on cigarettes, was designed to fund early childhood development and anti-tobacco education programs at the local level.

As a first of its kind, Proposition 10 created an unprecedented opportunity for Madera County to solicit input from broad cross sections of the community in order to identify and address the health, child development and family needs of Madera’s youngest population, children zero to five years old.

Pursuant to the passage of Proposition 10, in December 1998 the Madera County Board of Supervisors adopted an ordinance to establish the Madera County Children and Families Commission. Enthusiastic about the new opportunities created by Proposition 10, the Madera County Children and Families Commission was eager to begin work on this grass roots effort. The Commission held its first meeting on March 28, 1999.

Madera County expects to receive approximately $2 million during the initial years of operation. With such a substantial amount of money to be administered based upon public need, participation from key stakeholders, community leaders and the general public has been exceptional. The Commission is dedicated to inclusive governance and incorporates the voices, opinion and perspectives of Madera County residents into all of its work.

The Madera County Children and Families Commission encourages feedback from all interested parties, both residents and non-residents of Madera County.

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